Stepmom Tough Man Pleasure Massage Sex

Stepmom Tough Man Pleasure Massage Sex play

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He knelt me on the bed and opened my cleft up then licked and tongued my little hole until I was moaning with the pleasure of it then I felt him putting gel around and inside of my hole and his still wet cock was pushed against my hole until it seemed to burst in and I felt really uncomfortable but he said if I loved him I would let him keep it in which I did

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. Not understanding I said yes and he slowly removed all of my clothes in between long kisses until I was standing in just my tiny blue briefs or as he called them, my panties. He said he had some gel on his finger and would slide it into my hole which he did, gently he slid about an inch of his finger into my little hole and slowly worked it up an down until his finger was fully into my hole, it felt strange but nice and I just lay there and let him do it . . My muscles ached as I lumbered towards the locker room


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